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New York, NY

Intern assisting Charlie Walk, EVP Promotion

Compiled daily reports & accessed information from Sony product/airplay systems

and distributed to relevant personnel. Monitored the progression of acts and

communicated with independent promotion companies. Supervised mass mail outs

and construction of artist press packs of impacting records for radio stations.


New York, NY

Produced influencer seating campaigns for Sprite Remix. Coordinated series of

promotional events in the Atlanta market.

MANHOOD 101 ‘A Single Mother’s Guide to Raising A Son’

Atlanta GA/ Chicago, IL

Responsible for the initial edit of self-help book Manhood 101 and final review.

Coordinated cover layout with designer. Booked the author Frank Hallum on

The NBC Steve Harvey Talk Show, CNN & CBS46.

Worked with show producers on materials and preparation for the segments. Worked on

production, pricing and shipping systems. Scheduled promotional

interviews on local and national radio and TV.

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